Science Score Question Widget  
Display interesting science questions each day by adding this widget to your
website or blog. Run a daily contest in your site and we give out the prizes.
This widget lets you display interesting science question in your website or blog. The questions
change each day. when your site visitor answer the questions correctly, they will be automatically
included in our prize draw. All questions are chosen to be appropriate for kind in the age group of
8-12 years. All questions come with appealing visuals and stunning animations .
Choose form the following display sizes :
150 px X 135 px 200 px X 180 px 250 px X 225 px 300 px X 270 px  
Copy and paste this code into your website or blog to display the Science Score Question widget
in your site / blog
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Chosen size :150 px
Currently optimized for IE6 / IE7 / Firefox on 1024 X 768 screen resolution.
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