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Sciencescore is quite informative and useful and help me to improve my knowledge in the subject . I would suggest to provide more open ended questions and multiple choice type questions for the various topics closely following the MOM syllabus - Balamurugan Vishnupriya Singapore I LOVE SCIENCE SCORE .IT HELPS ME TO IMPROVE MY KNOWLEDGE. I ENCOURAGE CHILDREN TO DO SCIENCE SCORE TOO. - PriyalathaScience Score is very useful. It helps students to love science - Kumar Vigneshwait is very good and i feel that my science had improved drasticaly - Webstervery good it makes me learn more about science - BerniceI must say that my daughter finds the website very interesting and I hope she will continue to use it to improve her Science knowledge. Thank you. - Mrs.LimI want to take this opportunity to let you know hom much my son is enjoying using your website and it is good to see him challenged by the high standards expected of his peers in Singapore. - Gordon Robinson UKI love Science Score. With the help of Science Score my science improved. Science score is the best - Tax Xin YuGames are fun. The questions keep me thinking about science. Wonderful! - Teo Yang Quan BenjaminIt helps me learn parts of the animal cell better than what I learnt at class - Hazirah
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