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- What is Science Score?

Science Score is an animated interactive science quiz bank presented in a virtual world interface.  Children love virtual world and the fun element that goes with it.  At the same time we wanted their time before computer to be usefully spent for gaining positive learning outcomes and improving their knowledge.  Hence we blended the two ideas together to deliver an innovative and unique experience where children test and improve their science knowledge the fun way.

Every user starts playing with Science Score by choosing a monkey avatar (called as Poskey) and enters a virtual world exploring the many activities designed there.  Children are encouraged to do science quizzes to earn reward points which are then used to buy virtual accessories to dress up Poskey, decorate their virtual home and engage in other fun activities.

- For whom is it targeted?

Science Score is designed for children in the age group of 8yrs – 12 years.  These are children typically studying Primary 3 – Primary 6 levels.  The quizzes have been designed for this age group.  However it is open to all children who want to test their science knowledge in a fun way.

- Can children from other countries use it?

Science Score can be used by all children from all countries.  Although the quizzes in Science Score are benchmarked with Singapore science curriculum, science knowledge and facts apply universally and do not change country to country.  Most topics covered have curriculum alignment with many countries we have looked at.

- How will my child be benefited by using Science Score?
- What is so unique about Science Score?
- Why have you introduced avatar, chat, games etc in a learning  environment?

Avatars, chat, games and the like are very popular with kids.  If kids have to be lured into learning, we have to deliver the experience that closely aligns with things that they are interested in.  We have taken utmost care to ensure that the learning objectives are met while presenting the whole experience in a fun format.

- Does it cost anything to use Science Score?

Anyone can join for free and play with Science Score.  They can move around the virtual world, take quizzes and earn rewards.  However free users will not have all the privileges of paying members (ex: using the reward points to buy accessories, dressing up their Poskey, decorating their home and so on)

Memberships have been priced to be very affordable.  Monthly subscriptions cost S$9.95 (approx US$6/month).  Six month and one year memberships are priced much lower.  Memberships can be purchased online and multiple payment options are available (credit card, paypal, cheque, money order etc).

- Why do you charge for membership?

Science Score relies mainly on subscriptions to fund its operations.  Building technology solutions costs substantial time and money.  Some sites use advertisement based revenue models, but we stayed away from it, as we wanted to deliver utmost safety to the kids online experience.

- Tell us more about online personal safety for kids

As with many things in life, useful precautions always help.  More so when kids are exposed to Internet.  We have been obsessed with safety when designing this site, so kids are guaranteed to be safe using Science Score.  However as a matter of abundant precaution, we would encourage parents to be aware of certain do's and don'ts when exposing kids to the Internet.  Here are some basics of online safety for kids:

Get to know the sites your child visits.

If you don't know how to log on, get your child to show you.  Find out what types of information it offers and whether there are ways for parents to block out objectionable material.

Tell your child to never give out personally identifiable information such as home.

- How is Science Score making this site a safe experience for kids?
science score

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