Content Accuracy
The Q&A content, mind maps and other content provided for paid subscribers have been written up from scratch by competent professionals. They have been researched from various sources and adaptated to the context relevant for Science Score. The Q&A content for both objective type questions and structured questions are not a complete duplication of the actual examination questions, although they have been structured to resemble exam type questions. New questions have been created but retaining the principles and concepts on which similar exam type questions have been earlier set. We have taken care to make sure original works are not duplicated and where some works are used with permission (such as reproduction of images etc) we have given credits to the source.
Care has been taken to ensure that the questions and answers are correct and completely proof read. We have put a publishing approval system in place to ensure that from content creation to final approval it passes through various stages of testing and validation. But inspite of all the care we have taken, some errors could be there. No responsibility is taken for this, nor do we make claims of complete accuracy.
We and our associates provide Science Score services in "AS IS" condition and without any warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory , including as to accuracy, completeness or sufficiency of the information provided. We and our associates specifically disclaim any implied warranties of any kind with respect to any product or service.
Limit of Liability & Exclusion of damages
Newgen kids will not be responsible or liable to any user of its services for any direct, compensatory, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary or punitive damages for any reason such as use of content, services, errors, inaccuracies, omissions, defects, untimeliness, security breaches or any other causes. Our legal liability to any user of Science Score website & services under any other condition and at all times will be limited to US $ 50.00 (US Dollars Fifty only).
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