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We are committed to making  sciencescore the most delightfully and valuable learning platform for kids that blends learning with fun. We want kids to acquire knowledge without stress. we want them to be excited with science.

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Feedback & comments(45)
  • 08.12.17 by SzeEn
    You can give us free quizzes and maybe one day you can collect 1 coin as it attract more people to play tis game. But I hope you can listen to my advice.
  • 08.12.17 by Sze en
    I think the amount of subscrition is too much please lower the amount of money
  • 03.31.17 by Priya
    Its very interesting and I have learned a lot. Thank you.
  • 05.14.15 by Zhen Yu
    how to add friends?
  • 04.14.14 by Janelle
    I like Science Score
  • 03.16.14 by Y.Musharaffali
    This web side is super fun!!!!!!!!!
  • 07.10.13 by suveena
    Interesting to learn:)
  • 06.02.09 by Balamurugan Vishnupriya Singapore
    Sciencescore is quite informative and useful and help me to improve my knowledge in the subject . I would suggest to provide more open ended questions and multiple choice type questions for the various topics closely following the MOM syllabus
  • 05.28.09 by Gordon Robinson UK
    I want to take this opportunity to let you know hom much my son is enjoying using your website and it is good to see him challenged by the high standards expected of his peers in Singapore.
  • 05.28.09 by Mrs.Lim
    I must say that my daughter finds the website very interesting and I hope she will continue to use it to improve her Science knowledge. Thank you.
  • 05.28.09 by Bernice
    very good it makes me learn more about science
  • 05.28.09 by Webster
    it is very good and i feel that my science had improved drasticaly
  • 05.28.09 by Kumar Vigneshwa
    Science Score is very useful. It helps students to love science
  • 05.28.09 by Priyalatha
  • 02.25.09 by Utkasrsh Duttoo
    I like the site because... I love Science and Science is and will be my favourite subject. Another reason is that, this site is educational. We are learning through fun. The games are awesome. SCIENCE SCORE ROCKS!!!
  • 02.25.09 by Yonn
    Because it makes me improve my science as I am not good in science
  • 02.25.09 by Shamita Gupta
    I think that ScienceScore is a very awesome game because you can chat and play quizzes and suddenly you forget that you are really learning.
  • 02.25.09 by Vishara
    It is colorful and creative. It is Interesting and visualised. It is very animated, interactive, flexible and has tricky questions and different types of quizzes.
  • 02.25.09 by Jermaine
    very fun when playing the quizes
  • 02.25.09 by Adena
    it is educational and fun
  • 02.25.09 by Peck
    It is interesting and enriching
  • 02.25.09 by Hazirah
    It helps me learn parts of the animal cell better than what I learnt at class
  • 02.25.09 by Teo Yang Quan Benjamin
    Games are fun. The questions keep me thinking about science. Wonderful!
  • 02.25.09 by Tax Xin Yu
    I love Science Score. With the help of Science Score my science improved. Science score is the best
  • 05.13.08 by Rupa
    It is marvellous!
  • 02.26.08 by Meenatchi
    hi really make me better
  • 02.14.08 by raghu
    hi.. really interesting to play this game...
  • 02.14.08 by rajesh
    hi.. it's new and very interesting to use it
  • 10.15.07 by Cheyanne
    Very interesting idea of teaching us Science! Continue giving us new modules to try on. Very interesting characters too! Consider of giving us other characters.(Miney Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Spongebob)
  • 08.03.07 by Shailyn
    It feels like playing games!
  • .. by Ahmad Syafiq B
    Very interesting. Colourful graphics provide more understanding on the topic.
  • .. by JAS
    Excellent way of learning. Helping students get aquainted with the knowledge in tid bits.
  • .. by Alejandro Quemi
    It is good, fun way of learning. Thanks!!
  • .. by Lopez Gilsinia
    Ive just come in face with science score. It is good , sort of encouraging people to indulge into science. All the very best for the future. Keep continuing the good work.
  • .. by Siew Yan Yi
    Science Score is cool :-)
  • .. by Sobana Selvar
    I am happy I am a winner. I learn a lot with Science Score.
  • .. by Farzana b m n
    I love Science Score very much!!!!!!!
  • .. by Agnes Chow
    It is a very fun way of learning. Thank you.
  • .. by Jasmine Chan Ji
    Just started with Science Score. Looks quite good. Need to explore more.
  • .. by Theophilus Lamb
    This makes learning interesting. Science is not dreadful anymore.
  • .. by chong Man Ling
    I love science, but i don't get good marks in science so my teacher told me to come to this website and do lots of things in science. I am so happy i can discover more things in science so i would study more in science.=)^.^
  • .. by Lee Yun Xuan
    Science Score is fun and useful.
  • .. by Val Hi Lialing,
    Science Score rawkz!!!
  • .. by J.Mohammed Abid
    It is very exciting. I scored well in this test.
  • .. by Qurattu Ain,
    I improved now. I really need to practice more.
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