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We will soon be releasing a completely revamped blog theme that is responsive and readable on multiple devices including tablets and smart phones. We have also carefully evaluated what kind of blog content we need to publish on an ongoing basis that is engaging and interesting to kids and adults. We have looked at questions that kids frequently ask and the answers that often bewilder them. We have tried to look into some of these intriguing science questions that appear simple at the outside, but require authentic answers written in a simplified language for kids. We hope to be releasing some exciting content in our new blog soon along with the new website launch.
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Feb 26,2014
Special school campaign launched
Select Schools in Singapore identified to participate in a new campaign coinciding with the sixth anniversary year of Science Score....
Jun 24,2013
Launching new improved blog
Await the launch of our revamped blog with a new look, with more topics, more content and some cool new blog features. ...
Jun 20,2013
Quizzes will become social in v4.2
The new Science Score v4.2 to be released by end June 2013 will have a feature that will allow users to take quizzes with friends or with computer....
Jun 20,2013
Google Chrome issue finally fixed
Since 26-May-2013, flash objects were not properly loading on many websites when viewing through Google Chrome. This issue is now fixed....
Jun 28,2012
New Science Score v4.0 launched
Announcing the release of a completely updated new version of Science Score (v4.0) with feature enhancements and improved user experience...