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Can learning be as fun as playing?

Can learning be as fun as playing? Can children learn better when they discover knowledge joyfully? That was our quest behind Science Score.  We had a dream to inspire children to do well in their studies by giving them a learning tool that made them feel like they were playing.  We wanted to experiment this idea with Science because Science provides the rich canvas to show things visually and help children develop an inquiring mind to learn about life around them. Today’s kids face increasing demands to excel in every pursuit.  Parents have increasing aspirations and high expectations from their children.  School systems have raised academic demands.  Learning has become stressful as kids take on the pressure to succeed in an intensely competitive environment.

In this stressful scenario, kids have found solace in computer games that provide a pleasurable distraction and an opportunity to escape into fantasy.  However, as parents and teachers, we want our kids to do well in their exams.  This got us to think out of the box to find an innovative solution that will satisfy all - the child, parent and the teacher.

Creating engaging content is what transforms information into a learning experience.  From early days our quest has been to deliver content to kids in an engaging format and help them get positive learning outcome with a game like experience.  Research suggests that active learning happens in an immersive interactive mode rather than in a passive information absorption mode.  We therefore set out to create a product that will blend the immersive and interactive experience of games into a learning framework.

We want kids to love Science

Understanding Science is about understanding the way everything in this Universe operates.  This understanding has led to all the inventions and discoveries that help us live the life we live today.  Every object that we have come to possess and everything that we have come to use (from a simple light bulb to a cell phone to life saving drugs) is the result of applying science and gaining an understanding of how the laws of the Universe work.  We need our kids to grow with this understanding.  We need them to love Science even if they don’t choose to become scientists.  We need them to understand what it takes to make this planet a better place to live.  After all they are the future of our planet.  We hope Science Score will become the catalyst to raise kids’ awareness and their love for Science.