United States Of America Science Score

Version 1.0 launch
First beta version of Science score launched

First school pilot
Conducted first pilot in Singapore in reputed Primary school
Special School campaign
Launched a major School
campaign in Feb 2009
covering many reputed
Primary schools in Singapore

Version 3.0 launch
Released a new v3.0
website with improved
features in June 2009
Road shows
Participated in major road
shows,expo events,book
exhibitions & promo events

First 10,000 mark
Touched the first 10,000
subscriber mark by end of
Dec 2008
Version 2.0 launch
Science Score v 2.0
launched with virtual world

New features released
Released new virtual pets,
virtual accessories and
New Version 4.2
Released new version 4.2
with new features such as
social quizzes, learning
world videos and added
new games along with a
new improved blog
Science Score v4.0 release
Released new v4.0 with a
different look and delivering
significant improvements to
user experience.

New blog launch
Revamped the blog with a new
layout and added lots of new
useful articles each week
Major platform migration
Major platform migration
exercised commenced to make
the product work across all
devices and across multiple
screen resolutions.
JV deal with listed company
JV discussion for collaboration
with a large education

Expanded outsourcing
arrangement for additional
software development work.
Who we are?

We are an experienced team of educators, content experts, technology nerds, designers and marketers.  Our founders have credible and long years experience in the field of education and technology.  One is a passionate teacher and the other is a entrepreneur with a creative streak with many years of Corporate experience working in reputed global technology companies.  We reach out to the best content experts, technology professionals and globally look for the right talent to deliver best in class outcomes.  We run our own dedicated servers in world-class data center in Singapore and U.S.A.

We are a privately owned and the company is headquartered in Singapore.

How we started?

We had a passionate idea way back in 2006 to create a Science Q&A bank for primary school kids, that will have a collection of all exam type questions and answers, enhanced with graphics and animation.  Traditionally kids have been given assessment papers and old question papers to practice from.  Based on our experience and interactions with kids, we know that kids do not like that experience.  We know it's useful but for kids it's not fun.  Also answer keys at the end of the paper never tell them why a certain answer choice is right and why others are wrong.  So we decided to come up with a Q&A bank that is colorful, visually enhanced with graphics and animation, with talking characters that help kids learn the reasoning behind the right and wrong answer choices.  This is how the idea took roots in 2006 leading up to the launch of our very first beta version in January 2007.  Since then, Science Score has gone through several rounds of version improvements with cool new features being added constantly.

The Science Score story

The first beta version of Science Score was launched in January 2007 and there has been no turning back.  From the very beginning till now, our core belief about Science Score has remained intact – to make kids love Science and give them the fun experience of gaming along with learning.  We did not get to this point easily.  Blending gaming with learning is always a challenge as they seem to have very different intent and deliver different outcomes.  One is fun stuff and another is serious stuff.  Also satisfying kids, parents and teachers – who all have an influence in the use of this product is not straight forward.  Over the years, in our interactions with thousands of kids, parents and teachers, we have taken note of their likes, dislikes and expectations that has kept us constantly busy improving Science Score experience for our users and to get to the point where are today.

We just launched our latest Science Score v4.2 and we feel good looking back from where we started to where we have reached (see the info graphic below).  But the best is yet to come.  We are even more excited about the future as we have some interesting ideas in our road map to make Science Score experience the most memorable for kids.

Role of kids in Science Score development

As this is a kids product we wanted to get kids involved in the product development effort.  So we took a unique approach.  We set up a core group of kids to become our idea generators, testers and approvers of features and functionality.  Kids would test and approve visuals and also validate if the content was comprehensible and well explained.  Our editorial and publishing team will only approve after it has passed through early validation by kids.  Many of the virtual pets we have in our virtual world were also conceived and hand drawn by kids before our designers and animators worked on it.  The early versions were beta tested with nearly thousand kids in Singapore before releasing it in the market

It has been an insightful experience for us as we continue to unravel the inner workings of a child’s mind in shaping Science Score.  Thanks to the ideas and suggestions we continually receive from lots of kids, we are joyfully committed to bringing in new innovations and cool features in the product.